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Payroll Software

Cloud-Based Payroll

Cloud-based secure and accurate payroll software

PayGrid is a cloud-based software solution that offers end-to-end payroll, HR & payments solutions to enterprises and organisations of all sizes and industry.

PayGrid reduces data capturing and legacy month-end pay run by automating much of the work that needs to be done.

Key Features

Leave management and adjustments

Built-in national ID validation

Various downloadable salary pay formats

Easy to use Employee self service portal

All tax tables maintained by PayGrid

One-Click file send to your bank or paymaster

Real-time calculations for all your work

Legislative report export in various formats

UIF declaration files

Full tax breakdown on each payslip

Easy upload of bulk employee details

100% cloud-based & secure

Secure and Guaranteed Uptime

PayGrid is hosted with a global leader in cloud and security technology, Microsoft Azure. Azure is totally secure and scalable and therefore can give you peace of mind that your data is for your eyes only. Azure has data centers in South Africa that are maintained by tech experts to guarantee 99.9% uptime of our app in the cloud.

Compliant Software

PayGrid has brilliant programmers who maintain the system but they are only great because of the team of legal, payroll and HR minds that help to keep our software compliant with all legislative frameworks.